Imagine an organisation that moves together, purposefully, mindfully and in unison to achieve one common goal.


This is how we restore the balance; a yoga program that is gentle and fluid, a mindfully moving to unify body, heart and mind. Organisations can flip the switch from a mind and lifestyle that is filled with non-focused busy-ness to a more centred, cohesive, stress free way of growing a living business; together.


Why Yoga / Mindful movement in companies

Our modern lifestyle keeps us operating in ‘on’ mode all the time, existing from one crisis to another, one stress filled situation to another and not enough awareness of the present moment. Mindful movement in companies not only gets us to stop and take a moment out of the routine, but it also helps us reconnect to the stillness within, cultivate awareness so we can say bye-bye to overwhelming pressure and stress and create a more balanced work / life culture within the organisation.




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