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Yes To Life | coaching


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”  Albert Einstein

Yes to Life’s coaching methodology does not operate from the old paradigm of striving and driving towards results.

‘Yes’ Life Coaching – What is the quality of your life? When individuals operate from a clear sense of who they are on the inside, it completely changes the game of life on the outside. There is an inner rhythm that directs them to an empowered way of being and doing.From this space of inner power; resilience, happiness, focus and an ability to respond becomes their dance with life.

‘Yes’ Executive Coaching – Every top athlete knows that for them to remain at the peak of their game, they need to have someone supporting them in their vision, holding the space for their growth and encouraging their efforts to extract the potential from those they in turn offer leadership to. Through our unique offering we provide the tools for leaders to be at their best by allowing them to tap into their authentic inner guidance.

  • Are you inspired to become a coach and are presently coaching or about to start? Do you find yourself facing inner doubts?


  • Are you struggling and don’t know where or how to open the doors and enter authentically into the world of coaching?


  • Have you not yet identified the type of market in which you can grow your unique potential to make a difference, so you compromise your dreams in order to make a living?


  • With so many coach trainings and certifications available are you are confused as to which coach training is right for you?


  • Are you trained as a coach and yet after all the time, commitment and money spent you don’t feel you have enough skills and experience to coach effectively?


  • Do you know what type of coaching is aligned with your unique life experience? What is your uniqueness? What do you offer that has depth and meaning for both yourself and your client?


  • Do you ask yourself ‘who am I as a coach’? Where do I fit into this world of coaching? How do I align with my coaching methodology whilst respecting what is unique and true to who I am?


  • I want to add value to others whilst at the same time make an abundant living. How do I do this?

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