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Yes To Life | Yoga
Yes To Life | Yoga
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About This Project

What is Yoga


Yoga, literally meaning ‘union’, is an ancient practice that aims to restore balance between the body & mind, bringing about greater physical, mental and emotional wellness.


Imagine your organisational body operating as one organised union, with a greater sense of balance and team spirit. Imagine the possibilities.


Why Yoga in companies

The bare facts are that there will always be stressors in life. In business these stressors could be the pressures that come with delivering on deadlines, the competitive spirit engendered between co-workers by the business cultural climate and our personal dramas. These stressors keep our ‘fight or flight’ responses lingering in the ‘on’ position and hinders our ability to cope with the everyday pressures and effectiveness within the business environment.


Yes to life offers yoga as part of our wellness program to bring your employees back to balance. Beside it been a practice that breaks the monotony from the daily routine it increases productivity, reduces staff turnover, reduces employee absenteeism, promotes job satisfaction amongst employees and cultivates overall contentment.