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Yes To Life | Our Team

Our Team

Jenny Des-Fountain

Director & Shareholder

team_0002_1  Jenny is a professional life coach and trainer with a higher purpose. She is a catalyst for people’s lives inspiring them to source within themselves the answers to the main existential questions: who are we, what qualities do we have to offer and what is the purpose of our lives within our environment to the scale of the universe?

With her ability to apply the highest form of intuitive knowledge and many years of experience into business, she is paying forward wisdom to others. Her motto is “How can we be of service” and believes that charity cannot be with an empty ball. Business is about people and money. With her as the founder and guide of “Yes to Life” profit will give dignity to those who have lost it.


Genene Arends


team_0000_3In all walks of life, every person comes with their own story, whether traumatic, devastating, hilarious or hugely inspirational, it’s still their story. From this story, impenetrable walls are cast, words like can’t and shouldn’t become energetic barriers hiding the true essence of who we are behind a mechanical way of being.

Yet, we all have a reservoir of bubbling energy, our own personal spring of life, free of fear and restriction, at peace with the ‘story’ and ready to burst forth with energetic aliveness.

Genene is a qualified Coach and NLP practitioner; the heart of her knowledge and skill is to assist people in igniting this energetic aliveness, move beyond the perceived barriers of fear so they may have a new story.

As a member of Yes to Life, it is her commitment to serve with love, practice compassion, and to model the words of the Mahatma ‘be change you want to see in the world’