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JennyJennys Motivation for offering the Alchemy of Unfolding presence course

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Jenny Des-Fountain, Director of Yes to Life has returned to South Africa after 18 months overseas in a monastery, 14 months spent in cloistered mostly silent meditation retreat. Jenny will share with us, how rather than living by driving and striving in our busy lives towards a perceived “happiness and peace”, we can relax by allowing our lives to unfold for us.

Jenny went on retreat because after more than 30 years of studying and working in business, healing, training, spiritual development and coaching she saw that no matter what the technique, what positive and affirming outcomes we set and achieve, what beliefs and values we hold, how successful or unsuccessful we are, or what information we study and apply, we just keep going round and round in the same similar cycle of conditioned thought and perceptions. No matter how hard and genuinely we try there seems no reasonable way for us in our western lifestyles to live true authenticity rather than from a constructed and socially conditioned self. It is this understanding and her commitment to contributing to the world that became her drive into retreat as a desperate need to find a way to uncover that illusive quality of being, beyond conditioned self, that is always there, all pervasive within and without.

So she closed her old life down. She left behind her home, security and her lucrative coaching and training business and entered an intensive retreat of meditation and silence for an initially undefined period of time. Committing fully to experience this prison of mind showed her deeply how we are living from our conditioned self, cognitive knowledge and misperceptions rather than unfolding from the core. Her personal experiencing of this prison and how it is created through our thinking, beliefs and perceptions will show us clearly how all the work we do on self and plans and outcomes we set and achieve, is just changing one conditioned perception for another. This is the seemingly endless cycle consistently tripping us up and holding us back.

This evening will be a heartfelt sharing and an experiential process of a way of changing our inner quality of being and thus experiencing of our outer reality. No matter who we think we are, what our external circumstances are or what meaning or meaninglessness we give our lives, we can let go of driving and striving forward as step by step , we can embrace ” allowing the unfolding of every experience, moment by moment, to unravel our old perceptions and reveal to us the core presence as out inner and outer guide and teacher.”