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Yes To Life | Companies


Organizations have become unbalanced by operating from an outer focussed goal driven driving and competitive culture created by the need to strive for this healthy financial bottom line.  In this present day culture, the very core of the success of an organization, the leaders and employees, are given secondary consideration to this bottom line resulting in a culture of stress, lack of awareness and the disintegration of peoples healthy joyful lifestyle. The impact on the company through illness, lack of initiative and responsibility, lack of commitment and enthusiasm, high staff turnover and dysfunctional teams, is severe.  The reality is that even a technically advanced machine will soon come to a grinding holt if not regularly and sustainable cared for and maintained.


At Yes to Life we talk about the Two Bottom Lines: the human bottom line as well as the financial bottom line. However most companies only focus on the financial aspect, easily measured by the health of the bank account.


What about the health and well-being of the people who make this possible? What about the human bottom line?


Just like a machine constantly running at full throttle, strained and pressurised to perform, in the same way the work force are required to be at their best; continuously!


Organizations have become so used to running this machine at it’s maximum with their focus on the output, resulting in continuous replacement of broken parts.  The cost of this to organizations plus people, families and society is extreme and has become the focus of many expert studies and which shows this cannot continue unabated.     


Even a small, seemingly unimportant part, if broken, will eventually impact the whole.  We know this, yet continue to ignore it and run our people at their maximum stress level, like easily replaceable parts.


The result of this unaware care – less culture is what we see today in our society.  We see the negative impact on people’s lives, their families, their communities and thus the whole.


What about keeping this people machine running smoothly and perfectly? Where we are no longer replacing broken parts, yet oiling, maintaining and nurturing our organization to produce longevity and continuously deliver on performance.


What would it be like to build an organization where every person is seen, acknowledged and cared for, for their unique contribution and importance to the success of the organization? 


It is through stress reduction and lifestyle programs that one is facilitating the wellness and wellbeing of the organization and ultimately contributing through happy people to the wellness and success of our society.